Wassermeyer Double Taxation commemorative publication 
For the 75th birthday of PROF. DR. DR. H.C. Franz Wassmeyer, 75 contemplations to the applicability of Double Tax Treaties, a commemorative publication

Publishers: C.H.Beck oHG, Beck'sche Steuerkommentare

Co-Autor: Richard J. Wuermli 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Publishers: International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation - IBFD, (Amsterdam) 

Author: Richard J. Wuermli 

Cologne Compendium Air traffic law
Volume 3, Financial aspects

PublishersInstitute of Aviation and Space Exploration Law (Institut für Luft- und Weltraumrecht) at the University of Cologne 

Co-Author: Richard J. Wuermli 

Switzerland Inside Out

Publishers: Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Zurich 

Co-Author: Richard J. Wuermli 

TAX EXPERT's Expat's Glossary

Publishers: TAX EXPERT International AG Zurich and Zug 

Author: Katharina B. Padrutt

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TAX EXPERT’s VAT Compendium - CH-VAT practice following the amendment of the law effective January 1, 2010

 Note editor: TAX EXPERT International AG Zurich and Zug) 

Authors: Richard J. Wuermli / Tamara Tormen

TAX EXPERT's Transfer Pricing Guide

Publishers: TAX EXPERT International AG Zurich and Zug 

Authors: Richard J. Wuermli / Katharina B. Padrutt

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Transfer Pricing (12th Edition)

Publisher:  International Tax Review, UK, in Association with TAX EXPERT International AG, CH

Authors: Richard J. Wuermli and others

The Euromoney Corporate Tax Handbook

Publisher: Euromoney Handbooks, UK

Co-Author: Richard J. Wuermli


Transfer Pricing: European Rules and Practice, Part 2

Publisher: Tax Management Inc., The Bureau of National Affairs, Washington D.C.

Co-Authors: Richard J. Wuermli and Katharina B. Padrutt


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