About us

TAX EXPERT International Ltd. - as the name implies

In 1998 Richard J. Wuermli formed TAX EXPERT International Ltd. and the EXPERT Alliance, a prestigious professional service provider, in tax, bookkeeping, audit and insurance advisory matters around the globe.

Always with a finger on the pulse, we are globally and nationally networked and act on a worldwide scale with a far-reaching perspective but with an eye for details - always just how our Swiss and international clients expect us to act.

Our teams consist of tax experts with professional qualifications and many years of experience, who will safely guide you through complex national and cross-national tax issues.

We will find tailor-made tax strategies and easy-to-implement concepts for your concerns as a private person or a company because we believe: a reliable and consistent tax strategy is crucial for your success.

Always informed about current tax developments, we follow all requirements and provide you with comprehensive support.