Wassermeyer Double Taxation commemorative publication

For the 75th birthday of PROF. DR. DR. H.C. Franz Wassmeyer, 75 contemplations to the applicability of Double Tax Treaties, a commemorative publication

Publishers: C.H.Beck oHG, Beck'sche Steuerkommentare

Co-Autor: Richard J. Wuermli 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Publishers: International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation - IBFD, (Amsterdam) 

Author: Richard J. Wuermli 

Cologne Compendium Air traffic law

Volume 3, Financial aspects

PublishersInstitute of Aviation and Space Exploration Law (Institut für Luft- und Weltraumrecht) at the University of Cologne 

Co-Author: Richard J. Wuermli 

Switzerland Inside Out

Publishers: Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Zurich 

Co-Author: Richard J. Wuermli 

TAX EXPERT's Expat's Glossary

Publishers: TAX EXPERT International AG Zurich and Zug 

Author: Katharina B. Padrutt

TAX EXPERT's Expat's Glossary

The internationalization of corporations requires the expatriation of specialists and executives. Supporting such these expatriates is complex and requires international know-how. 

Efficient communication between consultants and human resource specialists across borders requires the frequent use of specialized terminology. Specifically this area is covered by our TAX EXPERT's Expat's Glossary and supports international communication in German and English with the explanation of more than 100 specialist expressions. 

TAX EXPERT’s VAT Compendium - CH-VAT practice following the amendment of the law effective January 1, 2010

Note editor: TAX EXPERT International AG Zurich and Zug) 

Authors: Richard J. Wuermli / Tamara Tormen

TAX EXPERT's Transfer Pricing Guide

Publishers: TAX EXPERT International AG Zurich and Zug

Authors: Richard J. Wuermli / Katharina B. Padrutt

Transfer Pricing

With the increasing internationalization of multinational companies and the globalization of markets, the intra-group exchange of goods and services is becoming more important.

When offsetting these internal group deliveries and services, the taxation leeway in elaborating the offset price system in addition to company-specific operational factors. The optimum design of cross-border offset prices has direct effects on the tax burden and is therefore among the most significant tax issues for multinational companies.

Transfer Pricing (12th Edition)

Publisher:  International Tax Review, UK, in Association with TAX EXPERT International AG, CH

Authors: Richard J. Wuermli and others

The Euromoney Corporate Tax Handbook

Publisher: Euromoney Handbooks, UK

Co-Author: Richard J. Wuermli

Transfer Pricing: European Rules and Practice, Part 2

Publisher: Tax Management Inc., The Bureau of National Affairs, Washington D.C.

Co-Authors: Richard J. Wuermli and Katharina B. Padrutt